Welcome, and thanks for visiting. This site is under construction at the moment and hope to be finished shortly. Please feel free to look at a few photos in the meantime, and be sure to check here again. Thanks.

This is a picture of my 'BURO' QSL card, I do use the IRTS buro, and infact I am the incoming sub-manager for the '9' callsigns. I mostly only answer QSL requests via the buro as if I need a card, I usually send for it via DIRECT, but if anyone needs my card, and are willing to wait a bit, I'll reply 100%.

I normally send my cards 3 times a year to the buro, and the IRTS buro works very well actually, so hopefully one doesn't have to wait too long.

This is my DIRECT QSL card which has recently been designed by Max, ON5UR. This is the card you will get if you send to me via DIRECT or if I send to you DIRECT.

As you can see, it is very good quality and the rear side is in full colour too!!

2 new additions to my qsl cards. Both have been designed by myself but have been printed by emil, LZ3HI of Gold Print Service.

This is a photo of my latest shack. I moved QTH in December '06 and had something like this in mind. I'm fortunate enough to have an outdoor shack, totally away from the main house.

This photo was taken at Friedrichshafen 2006, where I met Gulli, TF8GX. That's me on the left. I do attend Friedrichshafen each and every year.

This photo was taken at Friedrichshafen 2007. Again, that's me on the left, Pat EI2HX in the middle and Nicky, EI9JF is on the right.

Another Friedrichshafen photo, but this time taken in 2008. I seem to make a habit of standing on the left in most photos - hi hi. Here is Charlie, GI4FUE in the middle and Thos, EI2JD on the right.